Presenting… Our New Duet with Caitlin Cary!

“I Don’t Think Heaven Would Take Us (If It Couldn’t Have Us Both)” featuring Caitlin Cary!

FEBRUARY 1, 2011 – Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Caleb Caudle & the Bayonets have released “I Don’t Think Heaven Would Take Us (If It Couldn’t Have Us Both),” a brand new duet featuring special guest Caitlin Cary (Small Ponds, Tres Chicas, Whiskeytown) on vocals. Click the above image to take a listen and download!

Recorded at Desolation Row Studio in Raleigh, NC in August 2010, “I Don’t Think Heaven Would Take Us (If It Couldn’t Have Us Both)” finds Caudle and company – bassist Kyle Caudle, guitarist Philip Pledger, drummer Chad Newsom and new Bayonet multi-instrumentalist Sam Kossler – tapping into the same airy, spacious feel of tracks like “Weightless” and “Skeleton Tree” off Snake River Canyon, their critically acclaimed album released in May 2010.

“I first met Caitlin backstage after a Thad Cockrell show around ‘05,” Caudle recalls. “Like many others,I was introduced to her talents through Whiskeytown, but I really fell in love with Caitlin’s vocal performances on that Begonias record she did with Thad. When I was writing this song, I knew I wanted to get a female voice to sing with me and felt she’d be perfect for it. I was right.”

“I Don’t Think Heaven Would Take Us (If It Couldn’t Have Us Both)” is the first release in what will be a busy month for the Bayonets. Last week, the band unveiled their new website, Designed by Pledger, the new site provides fans a direct link to the band as well as instant access to the group’s tour dates, music, short films and lyrics.

On Saturday, February 19, the band will release The West Salem Session, a four-track acoustic EP, at their show at The Green Bean in Greensboro, NC. Like the duet, The West Salem Session spotlights the band’s mellower side, featuring songs from across their three-album catalog.

This isn’t to say that the Bayonets have turned their back on rock ‘n roll. Expanding on the vibe of Snake River Canyon, Caudle and the band have penned more than 15 songs for a new album that they plan to begin recording in the spring.

“I feel like this lineup is the band that I was meant to play with,” Caudle says. “Snake River Canyon set the ball rolling, and with Philip and Sam on board now, we’re picking up steam and writing some incredible songs together. I can’t wait to get back in the studio so we can share it with our fans.”

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